Welcome to Lewis Publishing Company. Since 1994 we have been actively pursuing online activites. From web site creation and web hosting to e-commerce, we continually work at expanding an Internet presence for ourselves and our customers.

Lewis Publishing Specializes in Guerrilla Warfare...

"War belongs to the province of business competition,
which is also the conflict of human interests..." Karl Von Clausewitz

Catch your eye? We hope so, because we want you to understand who we are and what we can do for you and your company. It's a tough world out there, and businesses need an edge to survive. If you're small, the arrayed forces of your competition can seem overwhelming. You need an edge, a secret weapon that will help you hold your own against the superior size and financial superiority of your competition.

Let Lewis Publishing give you an edge. We'll give your business a professional look, and teach you how to make the most of your resources, slipping in under your competitors' radar, and getting those elusive customers.

"The conventional army loses if it does not win.
The guerrilla wins if he does not lose..." Henry Kissinger

Let us design and implement your web site. We work by the project, not by an inflated hourly rate. You'll know up front what it will cost you -- and we guarantee it will be less than our competition. Give us a call, or drop us an E-mail. We' d be happy to discuss your options -- no charge. Just ask for the Sergeant Major -- we'll get you into the battle, and teach you how to win the war.

"When absolute superiority is not attainable,
you must produce a relative one at the decisive point
by making use of what you have..." Clausewitz

Some of our Websites

The Boardwalk Catalog
There's nothing like the New Jersey shore.
The Boardwalk Catalog
is the most comprehensive guide
to the Jersey Shore on the Internet.

Liberty Bell

Visit Historic Philadelphia


William W. Lewis

The Year of the Monkey

Vagabonds Junior Drum and Bugle Corps

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